Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 goals and Capstone Holiday Party Pics!

I know it's a little late to be speaking about New Years resolutions, but it's still January right? I think I'm safe. Also, I've never done a "new years resolution" before, and honestly it sounds kind of cheesy, so let's stick with "goals" instead.

2013 Goals:

  • stick with an at least 90/10 paleo diet
  • get a muscle up!
    This one is a little surprising to me. If you would have asked me this summer if I thought I'd be even remotely close to getting a muscle up, I probably would've laughed. Now I'm not saying I'm  close... but I may be in the ball park. I mean, wanting it is the first step right?

This is where I'm at now- jumping muscle ups. They're a little sketchy, I'm aware. I'll update y'all with the progress.

Now for the fun stuff!
In mid December we had our first annual Capstone Holiday Party! I hosted the event at my house and the lovely Christina made lasagna for everyone.  Everyone else brought TONS of food as well. (turns out CrossFitters like to eat).  After food and football, we did a "White Elephant" gift exchange. I don't have the patience to explain it, so if you haven't participated in one, google it. They're hilarious. Okay enough with the party narration.

A small portion of our food

By far, the best gift of the night- "What My Pee is Telling Me"

The pee book found it's forever home.

I've yet to see him do a WOD in this and this saddens me.

wolf pack

My ladies

Gettin his massage on, while simultaneously being violated.

I hope 2013 has many more Capstone gatherings! I think I've already mentioned it, but I'm truly blessed  to have each of these people in my life. 

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