Sunday, March 23, 2014

A New Chapter

Because word travels fast, I'm sure most of you have heard the news. As of last Saturday, I am no longer a coach at my former gym. I feel that my season at that gym has come to a close, and that my place now is supporting my friends in their new journey.

Two years ago, as a newbie to Crossfit and watching my very first Open workout (7 minutes of burpees), if you would have told me that I would not only be in love with the 'sport of fitness', but also be coaching it, I'd have laughed in your face. Alas, here we are.

I've known since I was a teenager that God has called me to be a teacher. So when I became a Special Education teacher 3 years ago, it wasn't a huge shock; it just felt right.
Little did I know, God wasn't finished with me. I began coaching around November of last year, and like my day job,  it clicked. I confess that I didn't realize until looking back on it, but I think that coaching was part of that calling as well. That's why I was so awesome!! I kid, I kid. Moving on...

To my athletes:
First off, I'm very possessive/protective/a little crazy, so yes you're MY athletes ;)
Secondly, thank you all for being such a blessing in my life. I am going to miss the phrase "thanks, coach!"and getting the "I hate you right now" look that later turns into an "I DID IT!" when you push an athlete to do an RX'd weight. I loved seeing your PR's as well as your struggles. I remember each first muscle-up, pull-up, hand stand push-up and much more. I especially loved seeing average people use CrossFit to find an inner strength and confidence they didn't know they had.
I truly hope that each of you stay connected and keep me updated with your fitness life and your life-life!
That being said, although this season of my life is finished, I definitely see coaching in my future again. However, I'm excited to view CrossFit via the lens of an athlete only for awhile. #GAINZ

To my friends and teammates at that gym:
After finishing out the Open next week, I will no longer be working out at that gym. I cannot thank everyone involved at that gym enough for accepting me and showing what a true community is.

A new chapter:
I am beyond excited about the new things that are happening in mine and Justin's lives. The last month has been emotional and scary, but through it all we've realized how close and strong our friendships are. I can't wait to help grow and support this new venture (expect a blog post soon) with our CrossFit friends family.