Monday, February 4, 2013

Goals update!

We're now a month into 2013 and I'm still holding strong to my goals.

As far as paleo goes, I'd say I'm at 90/10 right now. I feel good about this ratio, because quite frankly, I won't give up peanut butter. Nope, not going to happen. A legume? Really? It's got 'nut' in its name! Nonsense.
Anyway, I need to shout out to my fantastic husband for being so talented in the kitchen. Confession, your girl can't cook. CANNOT. Another confession, my husbands delicious food probably aided in our former fatness. However, he's a trooper (and I'm a food nazi) and has stuck with me on the paleo/clean eating train. 
Our favorite paleo website is Paleo Omg, and my lovely friend Christina has a paleo blog you should check out!

My muscle-up hasn't made an appearance... yet. Thanks to my amazing coaches at Capstone I really feel like I'm progressing to it. I'm working on muscle-up and pull-up skills at least 3 times a week with my coach Ally's PUMP program. Anything to do with a pull-up rig is a definite weakness of mine. I blame my tiny hands. However, I am seeing some progress! I know if I keep putting in the work, it'll happen eventually. Muscle-up you will be mine.

This is one of our new PUMP drills. Its fun and I love it, so here's a video!