Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fab Ab February!

It's already March (read Spring Break... and the OPEN eeeek!) and I cannot believe it! February went by in a flash, but the good news is that now I can do my Fab Ab Feb post! Patience isn't my strong suit, so waiting a month for something is a big deal for me. And I'm rambling.

I asked a couple of friends/fellow CrossFitters if I could track their Fab Ab Feb progress, and thankfully they agreed.

-disclaimer- We each used FAF as platform to focus more on  our core. That being said, we did not follow the original FAF Calendar

Kate's results:
1) What is your prior athletic history?
 I have been an athlete my entire life. I played multiple sports in high school, club volleyball during my undergrad, competed in triathlons during my masters degree, then finally began Crossfit in 2010. During both my undergrad and masters degrees, I taught group fitness courses. 

2)What type of diet did you use? Was it close to you typical diet or did you switch it up for FAF?
 I am typically paleo 80% of the time. I cleaned things up a bit and eliminated all wine (the only form of alcohol I drink) and soda (I love diet coke) from my diet. 

3) What type of diet did you use? Was it close to you typical diet or did you switch it up for FAF?
I continued to do Crossfit. I did add some extra cardio (running and rowing) and core work (GHD sit-ups and back extensions daily) to the mix. 

Christina's Results:
1. What is your prior athletic history? 
When I was in high school I did a lot of different sports, lacrosse, swimming, cheer, soccer. In college ad after I mainly did my own thing and took the occasional yoga and Pilates class. Then I had to have knee and foot surgery so that set me back and after I finally recovered I decided to start Crossfit about 9 months ago.
2. What type of diet did you use? Was it close to you typical diet or did you switch it up for FAF?
I just paid more attention to eating clean. I usually do 80/20 paleo but for FAF I was actually more 70/30 mainly because I discovered balance bars and couldn't not eat them. But other than that just high protein and high veggies.
3. What type of workout regimine did you use? 
I started doing extra work outside of just one WOD a day so it would either be 2 WODs or 1 WOD and about 30-45 minutes of extra work. I also run 1-2 times a week.

My results:
1. What is your prior athletic history? 
I was a competitive cheerleader throughout high school. In college I thought sitting on my rear and eating everything in sight sounded like a great idea. I start CrossFit just over a year ago.
2. What type of diet did you use? Was it close to you typical diet or did you switch it up for FAF?
I eat 80/20 paleo pretty consistently. I'll have 1 cheat meal a week and I cut out alcohol completely. Honestly, I didn't change my diet hardly at all. 
3. What type of workout regimine did you use?
I stuck to my typical workout schedule. I workout 6 days a week with 3 days of extra pull-up & muscle-up work and 2 days of extra olympic lifting work. I also try to do a light run on my rest day. 
So proud of each of my ladies and all the hard work they put in! Next week is the first week of the CrossFit Open. I'm going to try to blog throughout the competition and include some videos, so check back!


  1. Amazing. It's hard to argue the effectiveness when you see results like these! And for three women that were already in good shape, this is dramatic.

  2. Holy cow! Every single one of y'all had amazing results. That is so awesome. Hard work and dedication really pay off. I am seriously inspired.

  3. Wow I had no idea there was such an easy way to build core strength! I would actually like to try this program for the next 30 days. I have a few questions though. I've been doing core for a couple years so I can hold plank for over 2 minutes and I can rep out the sit ups like no other. My two questions are: 1) were they were butterfly sit ups or regular and 2) if I wanted to try this, should I start at 2 minutes of plank and work my way up? My push ups need a lot of work though, so I will probably start with a pretty low amount of reps and work my way up.

    1. Honestly, the 3 of us didn't really work off that calendar. We each stuck closely to our CrossFit workout schedule and added a few core exercises in. If you are experienced with core work and wanted to work of the 'Fab Ab Feb' calendar, I'd suggest beefing it up quite a bit. For example, making Day 1 into a 3-5 round circuit. But most of all, remember abs are made in the kitchen!! Your diet plays such a big role.